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"Vua" mai bonsai Nhơn An: Kiếm tiền tỷ nhờ tạo dáng cho mai vàng

Ông Nguyễn Trí Tuấn (60 tuổi, thôn Thanh Liêm, xã Nhơn An, thị xã An Nhơn, tỉnh Bình Định) được người chơi mai miền Trung biết đến với biệt danh "vua" mai bonsai. Ông Tuấn không chỉ trồng mai mà còn được ví như "bác sĩ" chuyên "phẫu thuật" để tạo nên những dáng bonsai độc đáo và tinh tế.

Bỏ nghề lái máy ủi, dấn thân vào nghề trồng mai

Trước năm 1987, ông Tuấn làm nghề lái máy ủi, nhưng lại có sở thích đặc biệt với cây kiểng, nhất là cây mai. Mỗi khi xong việc, ông thường đến vườn mai của những người quen ở thôn Háo Đức (xã Nhơn An) để xem cách họ cắt tỉa và uốn cành. Một lần, ông mua cặp mai từ hội mua bán mai vàng…

Mastering Baccarat: Strategies for Success at W88

In the realm of casino gambling, where allure is abundant, Baccarat stands tall as a perennial favorite among enthusiasts. But what is the essence behind this enduring popularity? Perhaps it's the simplicity and ease of understanding, allowing anyone to engage in betting after just a brief acquaintance with the rules. Moreover, Baccarat boasts favorable odds compared to other card games. Despite its widespread appeal, not everyone knows how to play effectively. If you find yourself enamored with Baccarat but continually facing losses, don't overlook the strategies outlined in this comprehensive guide. Let's w88 prestige casino delve into the world of Baccarat and explore the pathways to lucrative victories.

Perhaps it's the game's simplicity and ease of understanding; anyone can engage in betting after just one or two readings of the rules. Moreover, it boasts relatively high winning odds compared to other card games.


Nguyen Nguyen
Nguyen Nguyen

Comprehensive Guide to Virtual Football Betting

Virtual football betting follows a format similar to traditional football betting but introduces unique elements that create its distinct appeal. Engaging in virtual football betting can be incredibly exciting if you understand all the relevant details. This article will help you get a better grasp of virtual football and how to place bets on virtual football matches at online bookmakers. Let's dive in!

What is Virtual Football Betting?

Virtual football betting involves predicting the outcomes of matches simulated in 3D, based on real-life scenarios. Essentially, it mirrors traditional football betting where you engage with a bookmaker, select matches, and place various types of bets such as predicting the winning team, exact scores, or over/under goals.

One significant difference is the frequency and speed of the matches. Virtual football matches occur every few minutes and last around 2-3 minutes. This allows for continuous and fast-paced…

Bao Khang Pham
Bao Khang Pham

Understanding the 1.75 Handicap in Football Betting: Tips and Strategies

The 1.75 handicap, also known as 1.5-2 or one and three-quarters, is a popular betting option in football that might seem complex to beginners. This guide will break down what the 1.75 handicap entails and soccer tips app

What is a 1.75 Handicap?

A 1.75 handicap means the favored team (the one expected to win) starts the game with a virtual disadvantage of 1.75 goals. The underdog team, conversely, starts with a 1.75 goal advantage. This handicap is used to level the playing field when one team is significantly stronger than the other. Here's how bets are settled:

  • If the favored team wins by 3 or more goals: The bet on the favored team wins, and the bet on the underdog loses.

  • If the favored team wins by exactly 2 goals: The bet on the favored team wins half the stake, while…


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